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Amat Victoria Curam


Langberg Organic Boutique Farm

On a late Saturday afternoon 15 years ago, Toni first looked out at the flat barren land but saw an amazing sunset. One thing was missing. A forest! So he set out to create exactly that, a Pecan forest on the edge of a granite mountain. In soil, called …Herbert Red!

With his father’s Austrian measuring precision, Toni just about single-handedly planted 800 trees and Langberg forest was established. Toni is more than just a Pecan Nut farmer. As an active eco-lover, he has turned the farm into a beautiful nature resort where birds and remaining animals such as leguaans, frogs, rabbits and other small wildlife are protected. Our farm is lush with life. Our pomegranates encourage the bees on our farm and our honey is some of the best in the district. Toni’s horticultural skills have turned bare veld into a beautiful growing forest both inside our garden and outside. Four nut species which grow on our farm are: Wichita, Western, Pawnee, Choctow. Our Pecan Nuts are export quality and have excellent nutrition, energy and oil content. This is evident when our nuts are weighed against those bought from other outlets.

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Then came the 1250 Pomegranate bushes planted alongside the pecan trees. The best varieties for this area. Azerbaijan, California Super Sweet and California Pale. In Afghanistan, where Pomegrantaes are known to be the king of fruits, they are recognised to be the world’s best. The tiny fruit are covered with netting as they develop in stages in order to protect them from pests and fruit eating birds as well as to avoid use of poison as we are organic. The fruit produces gems which are hand processed for the juice. The dried seed, usually discarded, has excellent nutritional content and contain a high number of antioxidants.

Natural Process

Our Pomegranate juice is 100% organic, pure and hand processed and comes with or without the fruit’s pulp. There is hardly a healthier, refreshing drink than ice cold pure pomegranate juice and we encourage everyone to try it.

Fresh & Organic Products

Our busy farm also produces Luffah and Calabash for its seeds which are pressed for their highly sought after oils mostly used in the beauty and skin products industry. The Luffah are hand cleaned and sun bleached to produce the beautiful Luffah with are wonderfully natural with dense fibres perfect for cleaning use in the kitchen and bathroom for hygiene uses amongst others, exfoliation and cellulite massage..

Professional Farmers

The Langberg Pecan forest is a man-man oasis which is here to stay, visible on Google Earth as the trees start to reach for the skies and will remain to be a beautiful addition to the otherwise treeless landscape of the Langberg farming community..

Healthy Life, Happy Life

with love & dedication